Physician Leadership Development

As the recognition of the need for physician leadership grows, healthcare organizations are challenged to find physicians who can add leadership and management to their clinical skills.

The fact is that the qualities necessary to be a successful clinician are not the same as those needed to be a successful leader.
How do you find these physician leaders?

Historically, physician leaders were selected based on their willingness to participate and their ability to get along. Others were popular with their colleagues. When in a leadership role, some figured out how to do a decent job and others failed.

Hit and miss can no longer be acceptable. Healthcare organizations need physician leadership development programs that help select, and cultivate physician leaders who can effectively lead change within the organization.

​Physicians can get training from external educational programs, but these programs tend to emphasize “hard” skills”, but not “soft” skills, which are critical for physician leaders. In addition, their teaching methods emphasize concepts that may be disconnected from the culture, market, and political realities of your organization. As a result, someone with a new degree or certificate may or may not be able to be successful in your organization.
The right physician leadership program is one that is embedded in your organization and helps physician leaders be successful with the challenges and methodologies that are part of your organization.

Even if a physician has a management degree, every leader in your organization needs to learn your way.

Because physician leadership development must be compatible with your organization’s culture, we start by guiding you to develop a home-grown program that becomes an embedded, ongoing program within your organization. It’s not a one-time educational program but something that you will continue to use and refine over many years. When completed, you will have competent physician leaders for the many leadership roles in your organization, who can help steer your healthcare organization to success. In addition, the embedded training program will foster long-term loyalty and shape a culture of physician engagement.