Cary Gutbezahl, M.D.

Effective Leadership is tailored to the Organization

Healthcare organizations are facing external pressures that require transformational change.  The only way to thrive is to redefine the organization's mission, boundaries, vision and goals. Engaging clinicians in designing and managing daily operations, as well as strategic decision-making is critical.
Unfortunately, there isn't much time to design and adopt change. And you can't import what others are doing and expect that someone else's way will be acceptable to your staff. 

Leadership and management systems must fit the local history, culture, and social systems. That's where I come in. Specializing in the leadership and culture of change, I can help your organization develop its own capabilities to manage clinical performance.

Clinical Management Systems

Engaging Physicians

Physician Leadership Development

Well-designed programs only work when a clinical management system, which is more comprehensive than just a process, is designed to ensure results. Clinical systems need new monitoring and management to effect change and assure consistent implementation.​
Clinical Management Systems

With the changes in reimbursement and transparency, it's never been more important to enage physicians. Engaging physicians is about gaining support for the organanization's goals from more than a few physicians. That may require cultural adaptation and overcoming differences in interests.
Physician Engagement  
Whether developing a physician leader or group of leaders, we can provide the necessary guidance and support to improve organizational performance by engaging others around organizational goals. Read more about ​
Physician Leadership Development